Interview with Robert Pattinson

Our first meeting is coincidental, «Haven’t we already met somewhere?». That’s the icing on the cake of four days in Los Angeles. As though it weren’t enough to have booked into the Beverly Hills Hotel, dined in restaurants with the stars (though seated too far away), and having done all those things that make girl friends burn with envy. But who cares about their curses when Robert Pattinson, the new face of Dior Homme, tells you «I think I’ve seen you before»? I did indeed meet him five years ago, at the Film Festival in Rome, for the world premiere of Twilight. In those days errors of judgement concerning the phenomenon were legion, even as the books of the saga were selling like hot cakes. Perhaps he did not yet realise he was so famous and, with the watery eyes of a deer caught in the headlights, flanked by Kristen Stewart with her syndrome of the unstoppable leg, he had found himself facing hormonally raging young girls and a platoon of journalists. I was there too, and if he really does remember me I’m ready to put him in for the Mensa admission test. But he explains that he just cannot forget those first encounters. It is that simple.
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